Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introduction to Personal Propundity


I am told I should write a book. I hear this on at least a weekly basis. I believe this is because I have certain way of turning a phrase, a broad and varied vocabulary, and intermittent bouts of verbal diarrhea. There are few things in life in which I find no humor. I enjoy waxing and sanding a joke back and forth so many times I nearly wear it out, only to throw some fertilizer on it and squeeze out another giggle.

As for writing a book, I have not written a book for a several reasons. One, I am not a fiction writer, my genre is the essay of spontaneous thought. Secondly, I have neither the time to devote to such an undertaking, nor enough interest in it to make time. Third, and this was brought up by a friend, that if I actually sat down and intended to write, it would become stilted or stodgy, I'd lose my edge. For now, a blog is more my speed, my level of interest and in line with my time constraints.

I feel it is necessary to make some explanation of what you will read here, a sort of reader's guide. My aim is not to offend, but I cannot promise I won't, at times, offend my readers. The opinions I offer are my own. Not everything is my own original wording, and when it is not, I will seek to cite a source. You must not take anything I say personally, it is not intended to be taken in such a way. Whether you agree with me or not, if I made you think about a topic, I have accomplished my goal.

It is important to tell you that I am a Pisces. I am not particularly interested in Zodiac signs or their meanings, but I will use this analogy to explain my thought processes. Pisces is two fish swimming in a fish bowl, but not peacefully. They are trying to nip each other's tails while arguing over which side of the bowl is for eating in and which side is to accommodate the inevitable result of a meal. It is a constant, circular argument. One fish is white, one fish is black and round and round they go in a blur of gray. This is how my mind works. I weigh the black and the white with such rapidity that all I see is gray. I often refer to this as my "analysis paralysis" being entirely too anal to make any kind of a decision. I see both sides of every coin, but I am seeking the substance that holds the two sides together.

This blog is generally written spontaneously without a great deal of "process" in the writing mode. In high school I was the master of extemporaneous debate, quite possibly due to the reasons described above. One had to be able to argue either side of a debate on demand, make them equally believable as one's own opinion, while twisting one's opponent in knots by cinching the topic so tightly there was no room left for discussion. These days, I don't need an opponent, being perfectly content to challenge my own thinking patterns in the fish bowl of my mind. These are what I will share with you.



  1. I wish you great enjoyment with your new blog! And, be glad you aren't writing a book. It's very hard...that's why not too many people do it! A blog is great practice, though. I look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. I FEEL IT!!! This is gonna be good! Thanks so much for the invite. I'm always looking for new material to use when the time comes to put your chin on your chest, look over the top of your reading glasses at some complete idiot who has just given you his great words of wisdom and say....."Now this is how I feel about it".

  3. No one other than yourself could have said that so elegantly. Look forward to reading what your mind stirs up.